Chasing waterfalls (the falls of Six)!


During highschool, in order to save money, my friend and I usually climb the mountains to go to school and along the way we have to cross a creek/river and that would eventually lead us to our destination. More often than not, I usually wonder where the source of the creek was, although adventurous as I am, I cannot muster the courage to find out. Older and stronger, I decided to follow the source. The trail leading to the falls is an all too familiar scene, but as I go deeper into the woods everything was new to me.  

The trail.


After an hour I came upon one of the most spectacular discoveries here in our place, in front of me is a waterfall flowing freely and steadily. I just couldn’t believe my eyes for throughout my existence I have no idea that such falls exist. I decided to climb the edge of the falls in order to look what lies beyond.

First Waterfall
The first waterfall. I had to climb the steep edges just to be able to reach the top.

Few minutes later, I came across another falls much shorter than the first one. My heart was beating erratically for I have made a discovery that beneath these mountains, unknown to many, there are two waterfalls and I have found them. I would like to believe that I was the first to lay eyes upon them but I know that children before me used to swim and bask in these magnificent waterfalls.  Life just got in the way and they outgrew chasing waterfalls. 

Second Waterfall
The second waterfall.

The name Angel Falls (the World’s Highest uninterrupted waterfall) in Venezuela was named after its explorer Jimmie Angel. Although incomparable,I would like to call these falls “The Falls of Six”. Based on my understanding upon the novel “An Abundance of Katherines” by John Green, it is said that unless you have a good story of your own to tell you will be forgotten as time goes by. I would like myself to be remembered as an explorer and adventurer, and when someday people will come across these falls they will remember my name.

I have this unquenchable hole in my heart for years and seeing and witnessing a “Eureka Moment” like this one somehow made me whole again. We are blinded by our love with material possessions that we forgot that there is more to price tags, labels and brands. Money isn’t everything, surely it feeds the stomach but a higher purpose in life certainly feeds the soul. And this I know is just the beginning, I have discovered not one but two waterfalls and most importantly, I have discovered myself and my purpose. Life is beautiful, if we just open our eyes and look around us, somewhere hidden from plain sight lies a waterfall. 

The discovery of  the remains of Rhinoceros (the bones date back all the way to 709,000 years ago) here in the Cordillera Region of the Philippines prompted me to post this one. I always believed in my heart that there are discoveries hidden in our country waiting to be unearthed, for us to learn more of our past, a glimpse of life that had been there eons of years ago.

I wrote this post way back in 2016. With few modifications, I decided that this would be my first blog. Unapologetically mine.



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